Church Weddings

Honolulu, Hawaii

First Christian Church:

Have your Wedding at First Christian Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. Includes Church Use, Minister, Organ, Singer, Orchid Bouquet, Photographer, Photos on DVD, and roundtrip Limousine service.

Princess Lagoon Chapel:

Includes Wedding Chapel, Minister, Limousine service, Bride's Orchid Bouquet, Photographer, 50-60 images, and beautiful Ukulele Music.

St. Clement's Church:

Have your Wedding at St. Clement's Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. Includes Church Use, Minister, Pipe Organist, Orchid Bouquet, Photographer, 80-90 images, and Limousine Ride (roundtrip).

Beach Weddings in Honolulu are also available. See Beach Weddings.

See ALA CARTE SERVICES for more optional Wedding services you may wish to include in your Wedding package, such as:
- Hair Styling & Makeup
- Dress & Tuxedo
- Live Music
- Flower Shower
- Cake & Sparkling Cider
- Dove Release
- Sunset Dinner Cruise
- Paradise Cove Luau

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