Wedding Details
by Bridal Dream Hawaii

A Few Things to Remember

Most of these little details are fairly standard practice, and are simply meant to help avoid any conflicts that may arise in business dealings.

Please confirm your Beach Wedding Reservation with a Deposit of $100.00. Special-order Flowers & Dinner packages require an extra deposit one month before the Wedding.

*For Deluxe Weddings (including Paradise Cove, Waimea Falls Park, Loulu Palm Estate, 2-Island Wedding.), please send a non-refundable Deposit of $1000.00, and pay the balance one month before your Wedding.

Maui or Kauai Weddings should be paid in full right after we confirm your reservation if your Wedding date is just a month away.

To make a WEDDING RESERVATION, please visit:

The two of you will need to go to the Hawaii Dept. of Health and pick up your Marriage License. Please bring it with you to the Ceremony for the Minister to sign.

*Note: For sunset weddings, if you forget your Marriage License in your Hotel room, please continue on to your Wedding so we do not run out of time before the sun sets. We can sign your Marriage License later.

3. Contact Us in Honolulu
After you arrive in Honolulu, please let us know your hotel room number. A few days before your Wedding we recommend checking your emails each day in case we send you an important message concerning your Wedding.

On your Wedding day please leave your cell phone on so we can reach you if necessary. Please keep important phone numbers that we give you, such as your Wedding Coordinator (808-772-1140) and your Wedding Minister and Photographer's phone numbers available in case you are not sure where to meet, or if anyone is delayed. Please don't hesitate to call them right away should any of our staff be one minute late.

*If you are meeting us at a public beach and did not order our transportion, it's a good idea to touch bases with your Minister by telephone before you go. Those without a cell phone can use a phone in the hotel room or hotel lobby. Any hotel staff can assist you if you don't know where to find a telephone.

You may call us at 808-772-1140 or 924-3600 any time you have questions.

4. Payment
You may pay for your Wedding services by Check, Cash, or Credit Card. (If you prefer to pay by check, please send your check payment one month before your Wedding date so there will be sufficient time to clear.)

5. Military Discount
Military Discount of $20.00 (or Free 4x6 Prints) applies to Wedding Packages, but not to single item orders, such as Limousine service, Flowers, or Photos.

6. Cancellations

For Beach Weddings, Vow Renewals, or Photography on Oahu:
* Minimum Cancellation Fee: $100.00.
* No refunds less than 30 days before your Wedding date.
* If you have not paid your final balance at least 5 days before your Wedding we will consider your reservation as cancelled and your deposit will be forfeit.

For Church or Chapel Weddings & Deluxe Weddings on Oahu:
(including Princess Lagoon Chapel, Primarrie Church, First Christian Church, Waimea Falls Park, and Paradise Cove.)
*Cancellation Charge: 100% charge (no refunds for these packages)

For Maui, Kauai and Big Island Weddings, deposits & payments are not refundable. Luau Tickets and Dinner Cruise Tickets are non-refundable unless cancelled due to weather. See the webpage with your Wedding Package for details, or contact us if you have questions.

Once your Wedding reservation is confirmed on our Calendar, please confirm any changes to your Wedding time or location with an email to and a $20.00 change fee.

Please do not change or cancel your Wedding on our Answering Machine. Call us back at 808-924-3600 and speak with a live person. Email is fine as well, but please be sure to get a reply from us to confirm your changes.

Refunds can not be issued less than 30 days before your Wedding date. Any refunds before that time will be in the same form the original payment was received, such as a charge back to the same credit card number. Paypal refunds can only be made if you have a Paypal account. Refunds by check can not be given for credit card payments.

7. Wedding Location
If you will be using your own transportation, please visit your wedding location the day before your Ceremony so you will know where you are going. Limousine service is recommended. Let someone else do the driving on your wedding day.

Magic Island weddings - The Minister and Photographer will be waiting at the far left corner of the Magic Island parking lot (next to Ala Wai Boat Harbor). See: Meeting Place

8. Price Changes
Wedding Packages or prices are subject to change. After sending your Deposit, your Package price will remain at our agreed rate. Please check our webpages or email us for the most recent information about your Wedding Package.
*Exception: In case a vendor should raise their rates (such as Paradise Cove or Star of Honolulu), these rate increases will be passed on to you. You have the option of cancelling the particular service for a refund if you do not approve the rate increase.

9. Late Changes
If you reserve your Wedding or change your Wedding schedule or location less than one week before your Wedding date we will add $40.00 to your Wedding Package price.
* $100.00 Charge for rescheduling your Wedding day less than 48 hours before your Wedding date.
* Please pay any balances due with cash if less than 7 days before your Wedding.
* $40.00 late fee added for credit card payments less than one week before your wedding date.

10. Late Weddings
Please be on time for your Wedding. If you are late (especially for sunset weddings) we may not have enough time to shoot all of the photos you ordered. No full or partial refunds are given in this situation.

Our Wedding rates are
$100.00 for each half hour our Minister and/or Photographer are made to wait for late members of the Bridal Party (Bride, Groom, or important guests). Limousine charges of $90.00 per hour will also be charged if your group goes overtime. When the Limousine service has a full schedule they may not be available to go overtime. In which case you may need to order taxi service for your return transportation if your wedding goes overtime.

11. Larger Weddings (15 guests or more)
Most of our destination Wedding packages are made for small groups under 12. There will be an extra charge of $100.00 for larger groups with 15-20 guests, or $150 for 21-29 guests. Extra Limousine time may be needed as well. Larger Weddings will include 150 photos.
We recommend Paradise Cove or Waimea Falls for Weddings with over 20 guests.

12. Rainy Weather
When the weather is rainy you have two options:
- Change the Date.
You may change your Wedding to the next day. We will automatically do so by 12:00pm if the rain does not look like it will stop. Please call us to confirm your new Reservation details.
- Change Location.
You may change your Wedding Location (and Package) to be held indoors at a Wedding Chapel or Church. We recommend Princess Lagoon Chapel.
*Chapel rental fees are not included in beach wedding packages.

If certain Cake Flavors or Flowers are unavailable, we will substitute similar products of equal of greater value.

13. Responsibility
If you are traveling by Rental Car to your Wedding location, please do not leave any valuables in the vehicle because of the risk of car break-ins. Bridal Dream Wedding Company cannot be responsible for any losses or damages to vehicles not rented through our company. You may want to upgrade your Car insurance before you travel. (Please note that Kulailai Beach is in a remote part of Makaha with no cell phone reception and higher risk of theft.)

14. Returned Payments
There will be a $20.00 charge for returned checks. Your credit card will be charged the amount of the bounced check plus $20.00.

15. Weekends & Holidays
On Weekends & Holidays, sunrise or sunset weddings and Special Days we charge an extra fee for most of our Wedding Packages.

Please note that we are not able to honor errors or typos. Kindly pay the correct price listed on our webpage for our Wedding packages & services.

Email me anytime if you have any questions.


Bridal Dream Wedding Company

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Cell: (808)772-1140
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